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The City of McAlester and the Pittsburg County Emergency Management Center are continuing to work as partners towards the health and safety of businesses, employees, and customers. We are always committed to the success of small businesses in our area and know the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic has substantially affected businesses. Towards that goal, our staff has worked with local public health partners to build tool kits based on recommendations from state and national agencies. We hope that it helps them reopen safely to avoid any further negative impact from the coronavirus.

This initiative is the 918 Pledge and is designed as a commitment from businesses and customers. Posters can be proudly displayed showing the steps businesses are taking to protect customers and what they hope customers have done to protect employees and patrons. These promises are in line with the requirements of the State of Oklahoma and the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many businesses received a starter pack of supplies that may be useful as they create safe, sanitary, and healthy workspaces for employees as well as common areas for the public. If you would like to have materials provided for your business, simply reach out to the contact below. 

 If you find yourself with questions, additional needs, or want to talk to someone about concerns you have as businesses reopen, simply reach out to the Pittsburg County Unified Command by calling (918) 423-5655. We’re in this together.

918 Pledge Posters
918 Pledge Posters are designed to be printed in color on 11" x 14" tabloid paper. If you need a printed poster delivered to your business, call us at the number above. 

If you've taken the 918 Pledge and want to use the logo in your promotions and advertising, click here


Kit Materials and Resources
Limited resources such as caution tape, reusable forehead thermometer strips, masks, and signage are available at this time. If you have a specific need, reach out to the Emergency Operations Center at 918-423-5655 and ask about 918 Pledge supplies. 

The Pittsburg County Health Department has compiled materials, guidance, and instructions for businesses in Google Drive. Simply click on the links below to be directed to materials for your specific business.
Restaurant Kit
Gym Kit
Places of Worship Kit
Personal Care Services Kit
Entertainment Venues

National and State Resources
More information and guidance is available from the following agencies:

Oklahoma State Department of Commerce

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention