Multi-State Region

McAlester is positioned between the Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa metropolitan areas. Within a 200-mile radius, there are 6 different states and more than 15 million residents, including Dallas/Fort Worth, the fourth-largest metropolitan statistical area in the nation. Businesses in McAlester can easily serve those within this multi-state region.

McAlester 200-Mile Radius Map
Radius Map
Driving Distance to Metro Markets
Tulsa, OK – 90 Miles
Fort Smith, AR  110 Miles
Oklahoma City, OK  130 Miles
Fayetteville, AR  170 Miles
Dallas, TX  170 Miles
Shreveport, LA – 250 Miles
Little Rock, AR – 270 Miles

Population of the Metro Markets
Tulsa, OK – 1,150,000
Fort Smith, AR – 280,000
Oklahoma City, OK – 1,430,000
Fayetteville, AR – 520,000
Dallas, TX – 7,420,000
Shreveport, LA – 390,000

Little Rock, AR – 730,000