Occupation & Wages

Residents in southeast Oklahoma benefit from an affordable cost of living. As a result, workers are able to remain cost-competitive in the workplace while still being able to afford a high standard of living. View the BLS website for Occupational Employment Statistics to find more detailed information about occupations and wages.

Industrial Occupation Categories
Total Employed: 8,120
Median Annual Wage: $68,470

Office and Administrative Support
Total Employed: 25,590
Median Annual Wage: $29,450

Total Employed: 13,690
Median Annual Wage: $32,990

Transportation and Material Moving
Total Employed: 12,720
Median Annual Wage: $33,860

Business and Financial Operations
Total Employed: 4,750
Median Annual Wage: $50,410

Computer and Mathematical
Total Employed: 1,320
Median Annual Wage: $54,930

Building Maintenance and Ground Clearing
Total Employed: 5,080
Median Annual Wage: $21,960