Airport Advisory Board

The board meets as needed. Meetings times will be posted.

The Airport Advisory Board consists of nine members, including the city manager, that are appointed by the mayor with the consent of the City Council. Five members shall be residents of the City of McAlester, and three members may be nonresidents but must own businesses or be property owners in the City of McAlester.

The board has the responsibility for recommending airport sites, the development of plans and specifications for buildings and facilities, the supervision and construction of buildings and facilities, and the operation of the McAlester Airport. Members are appointed for two-year terms.

The board was established by council March 1, 1963, Ord. No. 1499, Ord. No. 1568, Ord. No. 1599, and Ord. No. 1745.

Michael Boyer
Stephen Otis
David Verner
John Allford
Mike Hogan
Randy Walters
Les Cashmere
Peter Stasiak