Ethics Board

  • 2:00 pm
  • Meets the second Tuesday in January, April, July, and October
  • Conference room, Municipal building
  • 28 E Washington P.O. Box 578
    McAlester, OK 74502
Meeting Dates for 2021 are as needed.
The Board shall consist of five unpaid private citizen members of outstanding moral and ethical credentials and who currently reside and have resided in the City of McAlester for at least one year, to be appointed by the mayor with concurrence of a majority of the council members present during an open meeting of the City Council.

All terms thereafter shall be for four years. All members shall serve until their successors have been appointed. A board chairman will be nominated by the members and approved by a majority during the first meeting of the board each July.

Members may serve multiple terms; however, no member may serve more than two full four year terms on the Board of Ethics. The computation of total years served shall not include time that may have been served in unexpired terms.

No member shall be asked to resign membership on the Board of Ethics or be involuntarily removed by the mayor or City Council during the membership term unless the member pleads guilty or nolo contendere to or is convicted in a court of law for a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, any felony, has violated the City Code of Conduct, violated provisions of the city charter, demonstrated a conflict of interest, is derelict in his duties to the board, or has conducted himself in a manner, publicly or in private, that brings discredit to the city or the board and may compromise the creditability of the Board.

No member of the board may hold elective or appointed office under the City or any other government or hold any political party office or hold membership on any other city board, commission, authority, or committee.

Although not a member of the Board of Ethics, the city attorney will assist the board in matters requested by the board in the discharge of its responsibilities.

The board shall meet at least quarterly at the McAlester City Hall or other City provided facility that the City Council may designate. Special meetings of the Board of Ethics may be called by the board chairman as appropriate.

The Board of Ethics will comply with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. The city clerk is directed to assist the board in ensuring that the act is complied with. This includes, but is not limited to, assistance in preparing and posting meeting agendas and publishing the minutes of each meeting, but does not include recording the minutes of the meetings. A designated board member will record the minutes of each meeting in accordance with state law.

Current Members:
Ann Walker
Anthony Washington
Gary Wansick
Tony Edwards, Chair
Chris Plunket, Vice Chair

The board shall advise and assist the mayor and City Council, and such other city officials as the mayor and council shall designate, regarding matters of ethics in government, with the overall objective to promote and ensure public trust in government, including: 
  • Compliance by all city officials and employees with all applicable ethics laws, state and federal law, conflict of interest matters, and city ordinances and regulations
  • Compliance by all city officials and employees with the highest standards of ethical behavior and that even the appearance of impropriety or a conflict of interest is avoided
  • Ensuring that all city officials and employees always work to promote the public interest and never work toward or for their own self interest or any private interest
The board, insofar as possible under state law, shall issue binding advisory opinions, conduct investigations on its own initiative and on referral or complaint from officials or citizens, inquire of witnesses, receive documents, refer cases to the appropriate prosecution authority, impose administrative sanctions, and to hire independent counsel, subject to notification of the City Council.

Throughout this section, the word “ethics” and “ethical” shall apply to all matters relating to ethics, including, but not limited to, conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, City Code of Conduct, prohibited activities, and standards of professional or governmental conduct.

The board was established by council June 24, 2008, Ord. No. 2294.