Nonuniformed Council

  • Meets as needed. Meeting times will be posted.
  • Council Chambers, Municipal Building
  • 28 E. Washington, McAlester, OK 74502
  • Minutes and important documents available
The council shall be composed of classified service personnel who shall be elected by their respective employee divisions as defined below:
  • No supervisory or unclassified personnel, or uniformed employee recognized by a local bargaining agent, shall be a council member
  • There shall be two representatives from each of the follow employee divisions as so stated herein on the council:
    • Two representatives from Administration
    • Two representatives from Public Works Division
    • Two representatives from Engineering Division
    • One representative elected from all eligible employees who shall serve as the representative from the City-at-large
      • Said representative from the City-at-large shall also serve as chairman of the council
      • Said position shall be a two-year term with no rights for succession
  • Council members shall be elected by a vote of the employees as follows:
    • Each classified service employee will be allowed to vote for two candidates from his employee division or classification and for one candidate from the City-at-large
    • The two candidates with the highest number of votes from each employee division or classification and the City-at-large shall be deemed elected as the representative
    • Ties shall be broken by the candidates drawing lots before the city clerk [page: City Clerk] and witnesses
    • No council member shall be allowed to succeed himself for more than one additional two-year term
The council is charged with promoting a high degree of understanding, cooperation, efficiency, unity, and morale for city employees. The council provides a mechanism, through recommendations to the city manager, whereby all employees may contribute to the development and / or improvement of work conditions, and all other personnel-related matters directly affecting the employees. The council also promotes the public good by providing a harmonious working relationship between the City Council, city administration, city employees and the general public.

The council was established by the City Council in 1974 code.