City Government Transparency 
City of McAlester transparency principals:
  • Disclosing public officials’ conflicts of interest to the public
  • Following stated processes, being truthful, and welcoming accountability
  • Listening to all people affected by the City’s actions. No person or group affected by the City’s actions has a greater right to be heard than anyone else
  • Providing the public and city employees easy access to information that educates and informs
  • Seeing the public as a source of creative ideas and effective solutions
Transparency Goals
The goals of City of McAlester for transparency include: 
  • Ensuring the City of McAlester’s public processes are understandable and fair to all parties involved
  • Going above and beyond the requirements when providing information to the public
  • Letting the public know why decisions are made
  • Making the information on the City’s website easily searchable and accessible
  • Planning for and incorporating public input at the beginning of each project
  • Practicing the principles of an open government in city employees’ daily interactions within city government and between employees and departments
  • Providing complete and understandable information to the public
Engaging City Employees & Citizens
City officials have come to understand how critically important employee engagement is to the success of open government in the City of McAlester. To that end, city officials will encourage employee input as well as public input on the proposed policy.

In acknowledging today’s need to promote transparency, city officials understand more openness can have a transformational impact on how government serves those who live, work and invest in the City of McAlester. Clear procedures and accessible, easy-to-understand records and information will promote the accountability of our public servants as they make decisions and conduct the public’s business and will invite the participation of residents to collaborate in the strengthening and governance of our City.

The City of McAlester is committed to engaging and informing citizens in several ways. To learn more about our approach to online engagement, please see our Social Media Procedure.