Business Licenses

The City of McAlester offers many types of Business License for business within the city. To apply for a license or to learn more, please call (918) 423-9300.

To apply online, select the form below. 

Business License Fee
Auctioneer License $25 per year, per license
Auction / Merchant Permits $50 per auction
Auction Permits $10 per day
Automobile Salvage Yard $100 per year
Beverage Garden $50 per event, $100 refundable deposit
Carnival / Circus $500 per day
Fireworks Retail $25 per location and season
Garage Sale Permit  $5 for one to three days
Junk Dealer or Junkyard $100 per year
Loading / Unloading Permit $70 per vehicle, per year
$70 per loading zone, per year
Peddler or Solicitor $150 per year, $55 per week or $25 per day
       Each Individual Peddler or Solicitor representing the Person $75 per year, $20 per week  or $15 per day
Pest Control Service $100 per year
Restaurant and / or Food Service  
       1 - 10 employees $25 per year
       11 - 25 employees $35 per year
       26 or more employees $50 per year
Tree Trimmer $50 per year
Taxi Cab $20 per cab, per year
Taxi Cab Driver
Taxi Vehicle Registration and Inspection 2021
$2 per year

Alcoholic Licenses  
      Mixed Beverages $1,000 first year, renewal $900
      Package Store / Retail Spirit $750 per year
      Brewer $1,250 per year
      Distiller $3,125 per year
      Wine Making $625 per year
      Oklahoma Winery $75. per year
      Rectifier $3,125 per year
      Retail Wine $150 first year, renewal $75
      Retail Beer $150 first year, renewal $75
Medical Marijuana  
     Medical Marijuana Dispensary $750 first year, $250 renewal
     Commercial Medical Marijuana Growing Facility $750  first year, $250 renewal
     Commercial Medical Marijuana Processing Facility $750 first year, $250 renewal
Mobile Food Service License $35 per year, $20 seasonal (180 days)
Special Event  $50 per day
Theater $75 per screen, per year

See a full schedule of fees in Chapter 48 of the City Code.