Wildfire Mitigation Plan

The McAlester Community Wildfire Protection Plan is a cooperative effort between various entities to set clear priorities for the implementation of wildfire mitigation in the identified community. This includes prioritized recommendations for the community as a whole and for individual homeowners where appropriate.

1. Public awareness and education about Firewise landscapes and how to have your home Firewise safe.
2. Identification and reduction of areas with an increased level of risk due to excessive vegetation or debris. Start the debris removal process.
3. Improve accessibility, ingress and egress for emergency vehicles, and to allow better egress in event of evacuation from properties with limited access is very important to us due to all of the large fields and brush on the outside of the city that would burn fast in the McAlester Fire Dist.
4. Annual evaluation of plan to monitor success, or set new goals and adjust goals to a new attainable point, and address new problems
5. Prioritized Mitigation Recommendations.

Prioritized Mitigation Recommendations
The following recommendations were developed by the Community Firewise Working Group or Fire Council as a result of the community wildfire risk assessment and follow-up meetings with local, state, federal, and community stakeholders. A priority order was determined based on which mitigation projects would best reduce the hazard of wildfire in the assessment area.
Proposed Community Hazard Reduction Priorities:
List area and treatment recommended.
1. Encourage homeowners to create buffer zones around structures and improve escape routes from residential properties.
2. Clearing ladder fuels and underbrush around common areas, and shred and mulch debris to ease removal.
3. Organize area residents to work with officials to install dry hydrants around the lakes, ponds, & creeks.
4. Work with city officials to keep vandalism of road signage to a minimum.
Proposed Structural Ignitability Reduction Priorities:
Actions to be taken by homeowners.
Example: Clean roofs and gutters.
1. Clean Roof and Gutters.
2. Create buffer zones around structures.
3. Trim/Thin Timber Area.
4. Remove flammable house siding and flammable shingles.
5. Encourage area businesses to distribute firewise pamphlets.
Proposed Education and Outreach Priorities:
Activities planned and implemented by the community, local fire department and Department of Forestry.
1. Display pamphlets on Firewise at local community gatherings.
2. Encourage local insurance companies to inform their clients of Firewise benefits to reduce risk.
3. Engage area businesses to distribute Firewise pamphlets.

Click here to view the full plan: The McAlester Community Wildfire Protection Plan