* What forms of payment do you accept?
     Visa or MasterCard
     Money Order or Cashier's Check
          Drop Box on North side of Police Department at 301 E. Carl Albert Parkway (back of building by double doors)

* When is my due date?
     The due date is the Court Date listed on your citation

* Defensive driving?
Our court does not accept defensive driving 

* Deferred Adjudication
Only for defendants that do NOT have a commercial driver's license. (CDL HOLDERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE/ IT IS THE LAW!)

  1.           must pay administrative fee in addition to original fine and cost
  2.           must plea GUILTY to the charge
  3.            length of probation - 180 days
  4.           must not receive a traffic violation within the city limits of McAlester, OK during 180 days
  5.           upon completion the case is dismissed and expunged
  6.           to see if you are eligible please complete this form and the Court will contact you 
There are no exceptions to the above stated criteria.

* What if I miss my Court Date?
     Anytime you fail to appear an additional $215.00 is attached to your case

* I got a citation for NO INSURANCE, what are my options?
     No coverage at time of stop............. $390.00
     Obtained coverage after the stop....$290.00
     Had coverage at time of stop............$0.00
           Must provide a copy of your coverage to the Court by Court date
           Your Insurance Co. can email a copy of the security verification or fax a copy to 918-558-2081 (they must include citation #)

* I got a citation for expired Tag.....
The amount due is $238.00
     If the registration/ tag is renewed by the original Court Date send a copy of the Registration paperwork from the tag office to Court BY THE                   COURT DATE.
     We will verify the documents and reduce the charges to $140.00 and you can pay here by your Court date.

* No DL in Possession
     If valid DL is shown prior to the court date $0.00
     Email a picture copy of your valid Drivers License to Court Clerk's Office