Payment Instruction
If you are pleading GUILTY and your court date has not passed there is the option
to be granted a 45-day pay plan. Fill out this form for consideration and we will contact you.

Pay Kiosk

Citations can be made at our Paysite Kiosk.  This service is FREE.  All you need is your citation number and your money order or cashier check,  card or cash to use this fast and secure method. The kiosk does not make or accept coins, so cash payments must be made in whole dollar amounts and overpayments will be credited toward future charges.  Account information such as payment history or account status cannot be referenced through the kiosk. The kiosk is located McAlester City Hall, 28 E. Washington 

Pay by Mail
Enclose a money order or cashier check (no personal checks) with your citation and a signed plea and mail to:
McAlester Municipal Court
P.O. Box 578
McAlester, OK 74502

Drop Box
NEW! Located on the North side of the Police Department to the right of the double doors. Please include your citation with a signed plea  and a phone number on the envelope. If you would like a receipt of payment please include your Email Address.

Pay Online
Use our online payments site
If you have contacted the office and set up a Pay Plan on citations that had gone to Warrant YOU MAY NOW MAKE THESE PAYMENTS ONLINE!
The prescribed due dates still apply and if you miss a payment a Warrant will be issued for your arrest.

If the office or the Judge placed you on a 45 day pay plan YOU CAN MAKE THESE PAYMENTS ONLINE.

Pay by Phone

Failing to Appear
Failure to appear on or before the arraignment date will result in additional fines, fees, and a warrant. There is no need to call the office, either pay online, via mail or drop box OR appear on your Fail to Appear Court Date. You may apply for a 45 day pay plan by filling out and submitting this form. We will contact you with further details.

Fee / Fine Reductions or Dismissals
Proof of Insurance Citation
If your insurance was in effect at the time you received your ticket, simply email the proof of coverage on or before the arraignment date and the ticket will be dismissed without cost, or have your insurance agent fax the insurance proof and citation number in effect at the time you received your ticket to (918) 421-4905 on or before the arraignment date and the ticket will be dismissed without cost.

If you obtained insurance after you received your ticket, you will be responsible for paying a reduced fine. Proof must be shown on or before the arraignment date. 
  • Proof will be denied if it is not from the agent
  • This could affect your driving privileges
Reducible Charges
If corrected and proof shown to the Court Clerk’s Office on or before the arraignment date for the following violations, your charge could be reduced with cost. 

Charges that are reducible:
  • No driver’s license
  • Exhaust
  • Expired tags 
  • Defective Vehicle
  • Window tint
Drivers License not in Possession
If a driver’s license is shown before the arraignment date it will be dismissed at no cost.