McAlester Police Department
301 E. Carl Albert
P.O. Box 388
McAlester, OK 74501

Ph: (918) 423-1212
Emergency: 9-1-1  
The mission of the McAlester Police Department is to promote and preserve the safety and welfare of the public, and to maintain social order.

The McAlester Police Department currently has 45 full-time sworn officers and 3 civilian employees. The sworn personnel includes one chief, one deputy chief, 38 uniformed patrol officers, and five criminal investigators.

The civilian personnel includes one animal control officer, one evidence technician, and one records clerk.

The McAlester Police Department also hosts the E-911 Center that dispatches for McAlester and Krebs police and all area fire departments. E-911 employs 12 dispatchers and a manager.

For all non-emergency calls in McAlester or Krebs, including animal control calls, please dial (918) 423-1212. For all non-emergency calls outside McAlester or Krebs in Pittsburg County, please call the Pittsburg County Sheriffs Office at (918) 423-5858.

For questions on obtaining copies of an offense report, accident report, or registering as a sex offender or violent offender, please contact the records clerk at (918) 423-9300 ext. 2230, Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

The goals of the McAlester Police Department are to prevent criminal activity, to detect, apprehend, and assist in prosecution of criminal offenders, and the protection and recovery of property. Members of the McAlester Police Department will conduct themselves within carefully prescribed ethical and constitutional restrictions. The McAlester Police Department will regulate non-criminal activities, and provide miscellaneous services as may be required by the Oklahoma State Statutes, McAlester Municipal Code, or other lawful authority. In addition, members of the McAlester Police Department may be required to perform such other services as may be lawfully required by the City Manager or the Chief of Police in order to protect and promote the general welfare of the public.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact us via phone or email. We welcome your thoughts and are here to assist you when in your time of need.

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