Solid Waste and Recycling


Located at 256 Mitchell Road north of Highway 270, the landfill is open to City of McAlester residents only. You will need to present your water bill and identification to confirm residency within the McAlester City limits. Commercial and contractor waste is not accepted and this service is restricted to residential trash.

McAlester Landfill Flyer

The landfill hours of operation are 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday through Friday and on the second Saturday of each month, except on holidays.  The landfill accepts bulk waste, brush, and metal. All trash should be separated by type when delivered to the location. Appliances, electronics, and hazardous waste such as chemicals are NOT accepted.

In accordance with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality requirements, all loads brought to the landfill shall be covered.

Trailers will be allowed, with the following conditions being met: 
  • Trailers which are 12 feet long, or less, will be allowed on the working face of the landfill
  • Trailers greater than 12 feet long will be provided a roll-off container for disposal of acceptable waste
  • Trailers transporting tree limbs and yard waste are required to be covered and secured with rope
  • Trailers transporting tree limbs only will not be limited as to the length

The landfill crew is responsible for keeping the site clear of litter and maintaining the proper side slopes of the landfill cells. Record keeping and landfill charges are also a part of the daily routine done by this division of the City.

McAlester Recycling Center

The McAlester Recycling Center drop-off facility is located at 301 E. Polk Avenue in McAlester.
The drop-off center accepts mixed paper, cardboard, #1 plastics, #2 plastics, glass, cooking oil, and aluminum cans.  Materials dropped at the center are required to be separated by type and bagged prior to arrival at the site. The drive-through area is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and signage is available to assist citizens with proper recycling. All items are required to be rinsed and free of food residue. Cardboard boxes should be emptied and flattened. Bags of mixed items or containing trash will be discarded and not sorted for recycling.

The McAlester Recycling Center 301 East Polk Ave.

Refuse Collection
The city of McAlester utilizes Republic Services for trash collection. Any concerns or questions about your service, including reporting a damaged or lost polycart,  please contact Republic Services at (918) 426-0985. For billing inquiries contact call (918) 423-9300
Residential Trash Service Map
trash map
Resident Polycarts must be placed by the street by 6:00 am on the regularly scheduled day. Please position carts away from any structures including trees and mailboxes.  All trash should be in bags inside the polycarts. Do not overfill polycart. 

The City of McAlester and Republic Services remind citizens that all trash cans should be placed at the curb and be located at least 3 feet away from any objects such as mailboxes, utility poles, vehicles, or other items and at least 2 feet from other trash cans. Please also remember that carts should be placed at the curb no earlier than 4:00 pm the day before your trash pickup and removed no later than 7:00 pm the day of.79532348_2400668136726997_5685453397482799104_o
If your trash was not picked up on the regularly scheduled day, please contact Republic Services between 8:00 am and 10:00 am by the next business day after your regular scheduled day.

In accordance with the Allied Waste Contract with the City of McAlester, and to ensure pick up of yard waste, the following procedures should be followed: 

  • For yard waste collection services, grass, pine needles, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems, and small tree trimmings (less than 2 feet in length and less than 2 inches in diameter) shall be in a container, bag or box the weight of which shall not exceed 35 pounds.
  • Larger tree trimmings shall be laid neatly in bundled piles at curbside, weighing no more than 35 pounds. Branches in excess of 2 feet in length may, but are not required to be, in a container, bag, or box.
  • Allied Waste shall be obligated to collect no more than 3 additional bags per week from each household. As an alternative to accepting three bags per week of yard waste, Allied Waste, at its sole discretion, may provide one additional polycart free of charge to facilitate operational efficiency.