The Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance of the streets, traffic signs, and drainage systems throughout the City of McAlester.

To report a problem concerning streets or traffic control, please call (918) 423-9300 or use our online reporting tool


Pavement maintenance includes inspecting, scheduling, and repairing an inventory of more than 154 miles of roadway inside the city limits along with city parking lot surfaces. Maintaining and improving city roadways is a major community priority and a number of road repair projects are generally underway throughout the City

Traffic Signs & Construction Zones
The Streets Division’s inventory of traffic signs includes street name signs, and regulatory signs such as stop, speed limit, and no parking signs. Construction work zone safety is also a priority and this inventory includes barrels, cones, barricades, directional signs and flashing yellow lights. The Traffic Control Division is responsible for all stop lights, street signage, and traffic control in the City of McAlester. Their duties include making and maintaining all street signs, maintaining all traffic signals, and placing traffic control barricades and signage.

Public drainage maintenance includes inspection and cleaning of all city canals, channels, ditches, storm drains, catch basins, curbs, and gutters. This function is a component of the City’s Stormwater Management Program managed by the Environmental Programs Manager.

Storm Siren Map
Storm Sirens Location Map

Street Maintenance
The Street Division’s maintenance program works to maintain all streets and public ways in the city. The Inclement Weather Street Clearing program is implemented in response to snow and ice conditions. View the Inclement Weather Street Clearing Map