Construction Permit Application


The following information is provided to assist you in obtaining your Construction Permit. This information sheet is not intended to cover the Code Requirements, but is only a guideline to obtaining your permit. Design review and inspection of building elements shall be in accordance with the following standard Building Codes: 

 Building              =           international Building Code, 2015 Edition
                                          International Residential Code, 2015 Edition
                                          International Existing Building Code, 20 I 5 Edition
Plumbing             =          International Plumbing Code, 2015 Edition
Electrical             =          National Electrical Code, 2014 Edition and amendments
Mechanical         =          International Mechanical Code, 2015 Edition
                                         International Fuel Gas Code, 2015 Edition  

A construction permit is required whenever any building is constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, demolished, or the occupancy of a building or structure is changed within the City of McAlester, and shall be obtained before any work is started. THE FOLLOWING MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE APPLICATION FOR REVIEW:

1. Building permit applications shall be accompanied by construction documents prepared and stamped
by a licensed and/or registered Oklahoma design professional where required by 59 O.S. 46 State Architectural and Registered Interior                      Designers Act. At least two sets of construction plans must be submitted. Plans shall include at minimum- floor plan, electrical plan,
plumbing location, mechanical plan along with footing, stem wall, and slab details.

2. If construction documents from a Design Professional are not required, Building Permit applications shall be accompanied by building plans that  are dimensioned and drawn upon suitable material. Construction documents shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and          extent of the work proposed and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the building code and relevant laws, ordinances, rules
and regulations, as determined by the code administrator. At least two sets of plans which include at minimum - floor plan, electrical plan,                  plumbing location, mechanical plan along with footing, stem wall, and slab details.

3. A plot plan, to scale with all dimensions figured. The plot plan must show the exact size of lot and the location of the proposed and existing          buildings on the lot. It must also include the exact locations and size of all driveways and parking spaces. The plot plan may be placed on
the survey required in #3.

4. A survey with existing topography, corners and all existing easements. The survey must be tied to a mean sea level Benchmark as identified on    FIRM Map 400170, revised 07/22/2010, for zone AE and Zone X encroachments. Bench marks known to Registered Land Surveyors may
be applied to Zone AE and Zone X as it is identified by Fl RM 400170, revised 07 /22/20 I 0. ASSUMED BENCH MARKS WILL NOT BE                    ALLOWED. The lowest finished floor elevation must be provided for all proposed structures. The survey must be stamped and signed
by a Registered Land Surveyor.

5. A residential drainage plan with mean sea level elevations showing all finished Grading improvements
and showing how all sheet-flow run-off will be controlled. A finished grading and Drainage Plan with mean sea level elevations for Commercial    construction sealed and stamped by a registered Professional Architect/Engineer shall be required.

The required permits and inspection fees must be paid PRIOR TO THE ISSUANCE OF THE CONSTRUCTION PERMIT.  The following fee
schedule is provided for your information.  The fees presented here are for new construction.  Remodeling and / or repair cost will be figured
by the department based on the area being remodeled or repaired, and the activities involved and the number of inspections required.

 CONSTRUCTION  $ 0.17/sq. ft  $ 0.17/sq. ft.
   (minimum $30.00)  (minimum $40.00
 ELECTRICAL  $ 0.06/sq. ft.  $ 0.06/sq. ft.
 PLUMBING  $ 0.06/sq. ft.  $ 0.06/sq. ft.
 MECHANICAL   $ 0.04/sq. ft.  $ 0.04/sq. ft.
 FIRE INSPECTION & PLAN REVIEW    $ 0.02/sq. ft.
 SEWER TAPS  $300.00  $400.00

We hope this information will assist you in your proposed project. If you have any questions, please stop by or call (918) 423-9300.
Director, Extension 4951
Building Inspector, Extension 4985
Plumbing, Electrical & Mechanical Inspector, Extension 4987
Senior Engineer Technician, Extension 4994
Environmental Programs Coordinator, Extension 4995


IMPORTANT - Applicant to complete all items in sections: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9

Type of permit needed: 


At Location:

Zoning District:

Between (cross streets)   and  

Subdivision:  Lot:  Block: Lot Size:

Section 2. TYPE AND COST OF BUILDING - All applicants complete Parts A thru D
PART A - Type of improvement
1.    New building
2.    Addition (If residential, enter number of new housing units added, if any, in Part D, 13)
3.    Alteration (If residential, enter number of new housing units added, if any, in Part D, 13)
4.    Repair, replacement
5.    Wrecking (If multifamily residential, enter number of units in building in Part D, 13)
6.    Moving (relocation)
7.    Foundation only

8.    Private (individual, corporation, nonprofit institution, etc.)
9.    Public (Federal, State, or Local government)

10.  Cost of improvement:   $ 
        To be installed but not included in the above cost.
        a. Electrical:     $ 
        b. Plumbing:    $   
        c.  Heating / air conditioning:    $ 
        d. Other (elevator, etc.):   $ 
11. Total cost of improvement:  $ 

Nonresidential - Describe in detail proposed use of buildings, e.g., food processing plant, machine shop, laundry building at hospital,
elementary school, secondary school, college, parochial school, parking garage for department store, rental office building, office building
at industrial plant.  If use of existing building is being changed, enter proposed use.

PART D. PROPOSED USE - For "Wrecking" most recent use
12.    One family
13.    Two or more family
           Enter number of units: 
14.    Transient hotel, motel, or dormitory
           Enter number of units:
15.    Garage
16.    Carport
17.    Other

If Other - Specify:

Section 3. SELECTED CHARACTERISTICS OF BUILDING - For new buildings and additions, complete Parts E thru L;
                                                                                                                                     for wrecking complete only Part J, for all others skip to Section 4.

Part E - Principal type of frame: 
              If Other - specify: 
Part F - Principal type of heating fuel: 
              If Other - specify:
Part G - Type of sewage disposal: 
Part H - Type of water supply: 
Part I - Type of mechanical:  Central air conditioning:     Yes       No                Elevator:  Yes    No 
Part J - Dimensions:
             48.  Number of stories:
             49.  Total square feet of floor area, all floors, based on exterior dimensions:
             50.  Total land area sq. ft. : 

Part K - Number of off-street parking spaces:
              51. Enclosed:
              52. Outdoors:
Part L - Residential building only:
              53.  Number of bedrooms:
              54.  Number of bathrooms:   Full:   Partial: 

4. IDENTIFICATION - To be completed by all applicants
1. Owner of Leasee:
     Owner address:
     City or Town:  State or Province: Zip:  Telephone:
2. Contractor: Contractor's License number:
    Contractor address:
    City or Town: State or Province: Zip:
3. Architect or Engineer:
    City or Town: State or Province: Zip:  Telephone:

  I hereby certify that the proposed work is authorized by the owner of record and that I have been authorized by the owner to make this application as his authorized agent and we agree to conform to all applicable laws of this jurisdiction.


Electronic Signature of applicant (type full name)

Please contact the building inspector for list of required documents and to pay any required fees.
Upload required documents in JPG or PDF format only