Utility Construction Permit Application

City of McAlester

Date:          Permit Number:           Okie Locate Number:  
Name of Utility: 

Company Representative:

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Location of construction:

Purpose of Utility Permit:   
Facility (type, size, class of transmittant, design pressure or potential, etc.)

Nature of installation:  
Will Street Access Be Blocked?    Yes        No 
Will Street Crossing Be Blocked?    Yes         No  
Is Traffic detour Necessary?   Yes         No 

If yes,  traffic control plan is required (submit in a JPG or PDF format)

Nature of Work: 
Surface to be disturbed:   
If Other explain:  

Depth of Excavation Below Surface:

Number and Size of Excavation:

Method of Installation / Construction:

Work to start on or after:             Work to be completed by: 

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