Will Rogers Park

Located at 13th Street and McArthur Avenue, this 27.8-acre community park is the home of the McAlester Arboretum and Mike Deak Baseball Stadium, a little league baseball field, and a multipurpose field.  Venture through the McAlester Arboretum for a peek at some of the most unique trees and plants in the US.  Walk along the one-mile Mike Deak Walking Track to spot more than 750 types of fauna, from pink Avondale and spotted White Water Redbuds to drooping Weeping Wonder Gingko trees and pastel-colored Crabapple trees.  You can even see several species of  Oaks, Elms, Maples and Willows in this extensive collection of trees.
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The main feature, Rising Sun Redbuds, is sure to catch your attention with their blend of  tangerine, yellow and green leaves that form a gradient-like color palette.  Other rare species of trees also grow on the grounds of the McAlester Arboretum, like Contorted Oak trees.  This test garden consists of new seeds and plants not yet available in nurseries across the country.  Come walk through this arboretum and learn about some of the latest plants to sprout after cultivation.
The Elmer Hale Complex is also located here. The Elmer Hale Complex has two baseball fields, restrooms, and concession. The parks is surround by a 1 mile multi-use trail for pedestrians and bicycles, outdoor workout stations, playground equipment, Hero's Memorial, ample parking, and is fully handicapped accessible.
  • ADA Accessible
  • Baseball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Softball Fields
  • Memorial
  • Parking
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • Stadium
  • Tables
  • Multi-Use Paved Track
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Water