Public Information

The City of McAlester is committed to keeping the public informed of municipal government events and actions. The Public Information Officer disseminates information to the public and media concerning the City’s programs, policies, and events, and is the primary contact for media requests.

Public Information Officer
Adrian O'Hanlon III
Phone: 918-423-9300  ext. 4941
Email: adrian.o'

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Public Meeting Notifications
While the City Clerk’s office is required by law to physically post agendas in a visible location at City Hall, the City also posts meeting agendas and minutes for the public. 

Anyone can view agendas, agenda packets, and minutes for City Council meetings under City Council Documents. Anyone can watch livestreams and archived video from each City Council meeting on the City of McAlester’s YouTube account. The City also posts after each meeting the Council Report, which details elements in the latest McAlester City Council meeting as part of the city's efforts to broaden communication with the public. 

The City also sends public meeting reminders on its citizen engagement app, McAlester Connect.

McAlester Connect

McAlester Connect is available in the app store for citizens to access public information, submit service requests, and receive notifications from the City of McAlester. Download the app by searching for "McAlester Connect" in your app store.

Press Releases
The Public Information Officer is the contact for media requests and disseminates press releases to the media.