Online Application for Renters Residential Utility Service

Please fill out the form below to make an application to the Public Works Authority for RENTER RESIDENTIAL service.  To fill out a owner Residential Application, click here.

New Service fee of $125.00 includes Account Deposit of $100.00 refundable upon closing of account and a non-refundable Service Fee of $25.00. Must show two valid forms of ID, and lease agreement.

Please fill out payment information at the bottom of form.  We only accept credit card/debit card that are a Visa or Mastercard at this time.

**To Successfully complete this form, please be prepared to upload JPEG or PDF copies of two valid forms of ID and lease agreement.

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                      We offer Credit Card/Debit card auto draft and checking account auto draft.
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Notice: The City of McAlester Public Works Authority (MPWA) utilizes the services of Ameri-Ck, Inc., a consumer credit reporting agency as defined under the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. As a subscriber, the MPWA is an information source providing data concerning delinquent accounts to the agency.

 By signing below, applicant certifies that all information contained in this application is accurate and complete, and authorizes employees of the McAlester Public Works Authority (MPWA) to contact any and all references given. Applicant understands that the MPWA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and that in the event a utility account is established, this account may be terminated at any time should the account become past due or delinquent. Applicants also understand that with the extension of service by the MPWA, applicant assumes all responsibility for any amounts due to the MPWA for services provided, and any collection fees, penalties, legal fees or interest charges incurred for the collection or recovery of delinquent amounts owed to MPWA. Applicant further understands that the MPWA reports delinquent account information to Ameri-Ck, Inc. This application becomes a contract upon the establishment of service.

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