Utilities Activation / Deactivation Requests

Utility Service
New Service
Prior to establishing service for water, sewer and sanitation services, an application for services agreement must be submitted to the Utility Office and signed by the person in whose name the account will be held.

Online Applications
Apply for Owner Residential Service Online
Apply for Renter Residential Service Online
Apply for Commercial Service Online

Printable Applications (Mail in)

Owner Residential Service Form (PDF)
Renter Residential Service Form  (PDF)
Commercial Service Form (PDF)

Documentation required for utility service account:
  • Applicable form above
  • Valid photo ID-i.e.. driver's license or a state issued id
  • Lease agreement for all rental properties (commercial or residential)
A deposit is required for all residential and commercial accounts along with a service fee of $25.

Utility Deposit Rates
  • All Rental Services: $100
  • All Owner Services: $80
  • Most Rental Services: $100
  • Most Owner Services: $80

*Exceptions may apply for certain commercial businesses. Deposits are refunded or applied to account balances when service is terminated. Refund checks are issued to the name on the account only.

Discontinue Service
To have service discontinued, please call the Utility Office at (918) 423-9300 ext 4952. Only the account holder may have services discontinued. Please provide a forwarding address for the final bill or refund.

Transfer Service
Residential customers with existing service with the City of McAlester may transfer service from one location to another within the City of McAlester. To transfer service please complete the appropriate form above (owner residential or rental residential).  You may contact the Utility Billing Department at (918) 423-9300 for more information. There is a $25 transfer fee applied to the new account.
  • A final bill will be generated for your old account and the balance remaining will be transferred to your new account if not paid.
  • Any past due balance on your current account must be paid.
  • You may leave the water services on at your old address for a period of 14 days from the connect date at the new address.
  • Depending on the location of your new address, your garbage pick-up day may also change. Please contact Republic Services at (918) 426-0985 to confirm your new day.
  • Your due date may change with your new location so ask a customer service representative or check the due date on your utility bill.
  • Your new service will be assigned a new account number. If utilizing online account access, you will need to change your registration to the new account number.
  • If you utilize our auto bank draft payment option, the automated payment information will automatically transfer to your new address.
  • The deposit on your old address will transfer to the new address.  However, you will be required to pay the difference if the deposit amount is not adequate.

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