Backflow Prevention

McAlester area homeowners are encouraged to install a sewer backflow prevention device to avoid the risk of serious damage to their homes.

Consumers looking to save money can save thousands of dollars in repairs to their homes by installing a sewer backflow-prevention device (BPD). The 15 minutes it takes to install the simple device could prevent a nasty and costly sewer back flow.

Homeowners are at-risk and many will experience a sewer backflow and damage due to sewer backups into their McAlester homes during the rainy season and other times throughout the year. The cost to the homeowner to clean up the damage of a sewer backing up in the McAlester area homes could run thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the damage.

Backflow-Prevention Device
The good news is if homeowners observe some simple sewer maintenance tips and install an inexpensive backflow-prevention device (BPD), many of these backups are preventable.

Sanitary sewer service lines on private property are the responsibility of individual property owners. If you would like to find a backflow prevention device to install yourself, you will need to contact a plumbing supply company or check the plumbing fixtures, parts, and supplies category in the Yellow Pages.

A typical plumbing installation including all materials and labor would cost approximately $250 depending on depth and type of pipe. In addition, cleanout caps can be replaced by a pop-up relieve valve cap simply by unscrewing the existing cap and screwing on the new pop-up relief valve cap. The caps will relieve any sewer backup into the yard instead of into the house. These caps can be purchased at local plumbing supply companies for approximately $45.