Quality Jobs Program

Businesses creating jobs may qualify for the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program, the flagship incentive for the state. The program provides cash payments to qualifying businesses by rebating a portion of newly created payroll in the state. To learn more and to determine program eligibility, explore the Incentive website for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Incentive Benefits
  • Quarterly cash rebate up to 5% of newly created payroll for up to 10 years.
  • Rebate increased to 6% if at least 10% of new payroll is comprised of qualified military veterans.
  • May be combined with Investment / New Jobs Tax Credits if $40 million is invested within 3 years.
  • Automatic 5% Counties may qualify for a 5% net benefit rate.
    • McAlester is in an Automatic 5% County.
  • Opportunities Zones may qualify for an additional 5% net benefit rate and waived wage requirements.
    • McAlester contains an Opportunity Zone.

Business Requirements
  • Must be in a qualifying industry.
  • The average wage for new jobs must equal or exceed the lesser of:
    • Average County Wage
    • State Threshold Wage
  • At least $2.5 million in annual taxable payroll must be created for the state.
  • Basic health insurance must be offered to employees within 180 days of employment.
  • Employees must not pay any more than 50% of the premium for offered health insurance.
  • Must maintain a business presence in the state for at least 3 years after the start date.

Other Cash Rebate Programs
  • Small Employer Quality Jobs Program
  • 21st Century Quality Jobs Program