Craft Food & Beverage

The rich history of the McAlester area is intertwined with craft food and beverages.
Many of our family-owned businesses can even trace their roots back to the early days
of Oklahoma statehood. Come experience the delicious flavors we have to offer!

Whispering Meadows Winery, located in historic downtown McAlester, is a
boutique-style winery that features exclusive wines, cheeses, and gourmet food items.
The "Wines From the Heartland" collection is produced from their own local vineyard.

Whispering Meadows 2

Krebs Brewing Company operates two local brewhouses that produce the world-
famous Choc Beer and Prairie Artisan Ales brands. Krebs Brewing Company also hosts
Little Festival on the Prairie and attracts brewers from around the nation to McAlester. 


Spaceship Earth Coffee Company
is a roastery, expresso bar, and taproom
 located in the McAlester Maker's District. Spaceship Earth collaborates with Krebs
 Brewing Company to create the unique Bomb! Blend, a craft beer-inspired coffee roast.

Spaceship Earth2

BierKraft is a small-batch brewpub that specializes in a variety of traditional European-
style ales, stouts, and wines. Housemade lemonade and root beer provide family-friendly
options. Free tours are available for patrons to see how the beverages are made on-site.


Lovera's Handcrafted Foods
is an Italian market and wholesaler of award-winning
cheeses and cured meats, such as the popular Caciocavera. Other products include artisan
pasta, sauces, and imported olives. Lovera's sources their milk through Oklahoma dairies.

Loveras 03