K9 Officer Hunter, Retires after 7 years of service

Please join us in celebrating the retirement of K9 Officer Hunter. Hunter is over 9 years of age and has served our community for over 7 years at the McAlester Police Department with Sgt. Sutterfield. During his time of service, Sgt. Sutterfield and Hunter were successful in making multiple misdemeanor and felony arrests for drug-related crimes, attending many community events, and protecting our public schools. Hunter was recognized in 2020 by the Association of Oklahoma Narcotics Enforcers as the Region 3 K9 Officer of the Year. 

We are proud of the accomplishments that Sgt. Sutterfield and Hunter were able to achieve as a team. His presence on the road and in the community will be greatly missed. We are excited to announce that in Hunter’s well-earned retirement, he will continue to live with Sgt. Sutterfield and his family, where he will spend the rest of his time playing keep away with all the toys from the other family dog Bentley. We hope you enjoy your retirement, Hunter; you have earned it.