Promotions in McAlester Police Department

IMG_1255The McAlester Police Department promoted six officers to leadership positions in the patrol and criminal investigation divisions effective July 13, 2020. The advancements follow Kevin Hearod’s move from captain to chief of police on June 30, 2020.  The department continues to seek candidates for a police recruit.

 In the patrol division, Richard Parker promoted to the rank of captain, followed by Mickey Virden to lieutenant, and Charles Sutterfield to sergeant.

 Patrol division captains are responsible for overseeing the rules and regulations, monitoring radio traffic and call response, reviewing all reports, and answering calls for service as needed. Captain Parker started working in law enforcement in 1994 with the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department and joined the McAlester force in 1996. Since then, he has promoted through the ranks consistently and served in various roles such as SWAT and narcotics. For the past four years, Parker has applied, administered, and reported on the Highway Safety Grant for the city. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice from East Central University 

 Moving into the patrol division lieutenant position is Mickey Virden, a seventeen-year officer of the McAlester Police Department. Virden holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Oklahoma State College and numerous certifications. His previous experience includes the Krebs Police Department, District 18 Narcotics Task Force, and the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department.  Lieutenants in the patrol division are second in command for shifts and responsible for direct oversight of personnel, assignment of officers, and scheduling. The role also includes preliminary investigation of all complaints and recommendations for further actions.and numerous certifications. “I’m honored to be chosen as a captain for the McAlester Police Department by Chief Hearod. It’s an honor to be working here and I look forward to serving the citizens of McAlester,” Parker said of his promotion.


 The patrol sergeant promoted is Charles “Chuck” Sutterfield, who began work as an officer with the Konawa Police Department in 2006 while completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at East Central University. He spent two years with the Krebs Police Department before moving to the McAlester Police Department in 2009. Since 2015, Sutterfield has been the department’s K9 handler working with Hunter on criminal and drug interdiction. Patrol sergeants work closely with officers and assist in any necessary way to carry out the mission, including answering calls for service. Officers at this level are responsible for the coordination of training for all personnel assigned to their shift. “I am honored to be promoted by Chief Hearod,” said Sutterfield. “I will begin my duties with some great officers on the evening shift.”

 Criminal investigation division promotions include Shawn Delana to captain, Preston Rodgers to lieutenant, and Brant Gamble as sergeant.

 Captains in the criminal investigation division assign and review all cases and determine the disposition of cases and bringing them to a conclusion. They maintain a liaison with other agencies and assist investigators as needed. The captain is also responsible for any reports of misconduct and recommends appropriate disciplinary action. Delana joined the McAlester Police Department in 2006 after serving with the Haileyville Police Department, Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department, and the District 18 Narcotics Task Force. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in criminal justice from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. “I am extremely honored to be able to serve the community in which I was born and raised,” said Delana. “I accredit my achievements and give thanks to Chief Hearod along with all the other great officers from which I have been mentored and had the privilege to work with. I am also thankful for my amazing wife who has been so loving and supportive during these unprecedented times.”

 Preston Rodgers began his career in law enforcement with the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Department and the District 18 Narcotics Task Force. He joined the McAlester Police Department in 2005 and currently serves as the public information officer for the police force. He graduated from East Central University with a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice and holds numerous certifications. “It’s a great honor and I am very thankful to have been chosen for this promotion. I am grateful that Chief Hearod and the McAlester Police Department placed their confidence in me for this position,” said Rodgers. Criminal investigation division lieutenants assume an investigative caseload as well as administrative duties such as approving time off, maintaining supplies and equipment, maintaining a call-out roster, and supervising all personnel assigned to the division.

 As sergeant for criminal investigations, Gamble will now assume a full investigative caseload, monitor the use of police vehicles for the division, serve as training coordinator, and monitor new developments in investigation techniques. He has served with the McAlester Police Department for 19 years and holds a degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He has spent 12 years in criminal investigations and is also a certified hostage negotiator. In 2019, Gamble received the Ryan’s Award from the Pittsburg County Advocacy Center for his specialized work in child crimes.  “I am honored to get to work with such a great group of men and women,” said Gamble. “I look forward to continuing in this new role.”

 The promotions come just weeks after Chief of Police Kevin Hearod assumed the leadership role for the department. “The management of the McAlester Police Department will continue to be strong with these promotions,” said Hearod. “The professionalism, ethics, and commitment of these officers are of the highest standard and will ensure our citizens continue to receive the best in public safety.”

 To learn about joining the McAlester Police Department as a Police Recruit, contact the City of McAlester Human Resources Department at 918-423-9300.